We provide quality workmanship, our team of journeyman and foremen have substantial experience to get the job done right, in a timely and professional matter. Over the year we have created strong relationships with various companies to provide sub contacted work with skilled manpower, material, and equipment to controls and general contractors. We are looking to the future to become the best electrical and controls company in the BC area. With over 100+ years of electrical/controls experience we are able to meet any needs of our clients through planning and wiring of controls and electrical installation, with most being in a commercial setting.


Project Management

At Mountain Pacific Electrical, we believe complete preplanning and scheduling of a project are vital to its success. The size of the contract affects only the time required to complete the process, not the necessity.

The concept is designed to maximize the input of our many years of experience, and to compress project planning into a definite time-frame at the beginning of the work. Everything from off-loading facilities, to mobilization, through to close-out of the project are reviewed and schedule.

Each phase concludes with a written plan listing material handling, installation, and administrative activities, persons responsible for each activity, and the time period allotted.


 The MPE Objectives

  • The project team know where they are going and how and when they will accomplish each step along the way at the outset of the work.
  • Inclusion of the knowledge, insight and experience of our management team, Project Managers, Foreman and individuals with specialized skills into this project at the front end.
  • Maximize team knowledge of the project, the schedule, the contract, MPE’s responsibilities, as well as those of the general contractor, the owner, architect and engineer.
  • Completion on time.


The Project Benefits

  • Remedial action is taken long before problems adversely affect the schedule.
  • Conflict is avoided.
  • Completion can often be accelerated.
  • Identifies cost-effective options.
  • Ensures quality of end product.
  • Minimizes risk factor.
  • Improves productivity.

Service & Maintenance

At Mountain Pacific Electrical we pride ourselves on being the best professionally to our clients With proper service and maintenance of select projects. We have a strict process to have the quality assurance the client deserves.

Quality Assurance Process

Selection of highly qualified team with related experience and skills


A pre-plan process that addresses:

  • Site access
  • Off-loading facilities
  • Material handling facilities
  • Specified products vs. more cost effective or compatible options
  • Installation techniques
  • End product as to appearance and function
  • Future maintenance


Implementation of project Safety procedures and Safety Award program
A monthly Project Progress Report system

  • Productivity
  • Installation concerns
  • Client communication
  • Project progress
  • Quality of work


Project wrap-up planning program held at the 75% completion point in the schedule:

  • Commissioning records
  • Equipment operation reports
  • Finish materials delivery
  • Unapproved Change Orders
  • Operations Manuals
  • Timely completion of deficiencies
  • Testing -- commissioning -- training
  • Turn over of project


Assuring a quality project -- completed on time and within or below budget.


MPE Takes pride in doing the job done right for the client. At Mountain Pacific Electrical we take our process seriously to assure the client has made the right choice. Below are the requirements that our project team members take for the client.


Basic Requirements

  • Assist the client in translating requirements into a program of work, in quantitative and qualitative terms, to accomplish the objective;
  • Ensure that systems and procedures for carrying out the work are properly applied throughout the project;
  • Identify the responsibilities of all parties on the project clearly and correlate with them so that individually and collectively the client’s objectives are realized.
  • Ensure that progressive review takes place on the electrical scope, cost and schedule for the project in a manner to permit effective control of performance;
  • Assess changes promptly and make recommendations where necessary;
  • Assess the status of the work at regular intervals, trace causes of deficiencies promptly and take corrective action.


Design and Planning Stage

  • Analysis of alternative locations and designs;
  • Assist with preliminary engineering sketches;
  • Assist the engineer with equipment and material specifications;
  • Schematic diagrams;
  • Arrangement and layout reviews;
  • A monitoring of statutory regulations to ensure that the necessary documents are submitted and approvals obtained in good time to meet the project schedule.


Budgeting and Cost Controls

  • Re-examine and revise the preliminary project estimates and schedules;
  • Establish a definitive budget for cost control purposes;
  • Prescribe a system of reporting on and controlling expenditures.



Upon completion of the design, MPE will, in conjunction with the various members of the project team, establish a detailed project schedule for close control of all subsequent project activities. Key schedule dates must be established. MPE will issue regular reports showing progress relative to the schedule. The schedule will incorporate all inter-related and interlocking activities such as:

a)      Procurement and delivery of material and equipment;

b)      Installation (by activity);

c)      Inspection

d)     Commissioning.



MPE will report on a regular basis to the client on all aspects of the work. Reports will include any expenditures against the budget and estimated costs at completion, progress reports, any required modifications, and design changes (if any).

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